Top 5 Gift Giving Tips from expert Lisa Gaché

When it comes to gift giving, the holidays can be tricky to navigate. With multiple holiday events, office parties and gift exchanges, it’s difficult to know who and what to gift. This holiday season, WINNERS, HomeSense and Marshalls have teamed up with Beverly Hills etiquette expert Lisa Gaché to spread tidings of holiday gift giving etiquette.

As the Founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Manners, Gaché is a nationally recognized etiquette expert who has appeared on The Today Show and Anderson Live, as well as being featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, USA Today and Los Angeles Times. She’s also worked with the children of celebrity parents Jessica Alba, Patrick Dempsey, Sharon Stone, Christian Slater and Eric McCormack.  As a credible resource, advising on the “how-to’s” of good manners, here are Gaché’s top five gifting etiquette tips for every holiday dilemma.



Check out some more gift giving inspirations from Marshalls, Winners and the HomeSense brand below! Click on an image to enlarge.


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