5 products to keep your smile healthy

With the holiday season comes the many holiday get-togethers and parties. Whether it will be that glass of red wine with friends, an extra helping of fruit cake at the office party, or a feast with the family, your teeth are vulnerable to staining and yellowing this holiday season. You’ll often have to go longer periods of time without brushing and flossing, and save this routine until you finally make it home. DenTek offers products specifically to make your mouth care routine more efficient and effective. With tools you can take with you on-the-go, to some of the best selling oral care products on the market, here are 5 products we love that will keep your breath fresh and your smile glowing this holiday season! dentek-products-for-whiter-smile


We’ve all heard that we need to floss more. Although it may seem like a small hassle, this simple step can go a long way to help your mouth, especially your gums, to stay healthy and clean. We normally start taking flossing more seriously as adults, but experts suggest that parents should start flossing as soon as teeth come in for children. The fact is simple: your toothbrush will not give you a total clean. Flossing after brushing can remove plaque and residue from those hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. DenTek makes it even easier to floss, and reap the benefits, with problem-specific floss picks. With ergonomic handles, DenTek offers a large variety of floss picks that will help keep your gums strong and prevent stains and yellowing in the crevices of your teeth. teeth-whitening-floss


Ever since Miley Cyrus started sticking out her tongue at award shows, there has been a lot of conversation about tongue health. While the conversation started because of the singer’s dusty-white tongue, it turns out this is a common issue for many people. Typical causes include (per the Mayo Clinic) dehydration, dry mouth, excessive alcohol use, fever, and smoking. All of which can lead to bad breath!

DenTek offers two tongue cleaners that will scrape away bad breath odors at the source. We love the Orabrush Tongue cleaner, which features ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristles (pictured left) that reach deep into the uneven crevices. These bristles are designed after a surgeon’s scrub brush, and collects and removes the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping to cure bad breath. Like your toothbrush, you should replace your tongue cleaner every 3 months for best results.



Most people are unaware that they grind their teeth while sleeping. While symptoms of night time teeth grinding can include a sore jaw and pains, it’s the unseen damage that you need to worry about. Grinding teeth can create cracks in the tooth which can lead to staining, cavities and tooth sensitivity. Receding gums is another sign of teeth grinding!

While a dental guard can be very costly, DenTek offers a money-saving bundle that allows you to try both of DenTek’s bestselling dental guards. It includes two slim-profile Comfort Fit Dental Guards and one Maximum Protection Dental Guard. We love the Comfort Fit Dental Guard, which has a slim profile that is perfect for people who don’t like bulky mouth guards.



Taking care of your teeth shouldn’t be left completely to your home bathroom! Studies show that people consume a large amount of foods and liquids when they are not at home, and usually brushing your teeth isn’t an option. That morning coffee and lunch time food can stick to your teeth for hours and cause staining and cavities.

We recommend picking up DenTek’s flosspicks and case, which tucks neatly into a bag or purse so you’ll never be stranded with food stuck in your teeth! The case also includes a mini tongue cleaner and germ shield protection which helps prevent bacteria growth.



Even with the most rigorous brushing and oral care routine, there can still be some little bits left behind in your mouth. To help keep your teeth strong, healthy and white, we recommend doing a few extra steps every week/month for a deeper clean. DenTek offers tool kits and special flossers that will keep you feeling healthy and fresh in between dental checkups.


Richard and Marc recently tested the line of products from DenTek with a special event. Click here for more photos from the event on Behind The Blog.ca


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