Will you visit the Hermès Carré Club

Hermès is hosting the arrival of the “Hermès Carré Club” in Toronto from Friday September 28 to Sunday, September 30, 2018. The Hermès Carré Club invites guests to a memorable experience of free-spirited exploration and collective joy. From the reception desk where guests check in and receive their membership card, to each point of engagement with the carré, this dynamic venue pays a multi-faceted, participatory tribute to the beloved silk square.

The configuration plays out as a function of size; a small setting will consist of the three principal programs, while an extra-large club can accommodate up to eleven active concepts. But no matter how many mètres carrés (square metres), the Carré Club will generate a steady source of creative output aimed at a transgenerational audience; think artist demonstrations, café gatherings, curator visits and more – all running day into night.

Conceived by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Hermès women’s universe, the Carré Club is effortlessly adaptable to local members’ interests, attracting all those with an appreciation for the carré. Whereas a Carré-OK singalong setup might feel de rigueur in one city, the Carré Disco and Carré Park skate ramp might pop up in another. Ultimately, this club experience will encourage the carré’s magical harmony of craftsmanship, art, heart and heritage as a meaningful and lasting symbol of expression.

The first three Carré components are the foundation of every Club. There are additional building blocks that shape each individual Hermès Carré Club’s unique configuration and personality:

Carré Click and Check: Guests arrive at the reception where they sign in to receive their membership card (Carré Check) and enter a photobooth where their official portrait will be enhanced with custom filters and graphics (Carré Click).

Carré Studio: The artistic epicentre. An on-site atelier will provide an authentic setting for carré designers and artisans to create. Members are welcome to interact and engage as this select group of talent create in real time.

Carré Café: Beyond a spot to sip or snack, the carré-enveloped café combines salon-style culture with cabaret-inspired entertainment.

Carré Mania: Hermès Carré Club capsule collection with limited edition scarves will be available at this members-only gift shop.

Hermès Carré Club
151 Bloor Street West
Friday, September 28 – Sunday, September 30, 2018
11am to 7pm
Open to the public; free admission

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