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Canadian singer Simone Denny has been very busy over the past year. Hitting the studio to record her debut solo album ‘The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1’ and putting the finishing touches on the album, Simone has been excited to share her latest work with her fans.

We sat down with Simone Denny during the photo shoot for her album cover and got a sneak peek of her wardrobe choices and chatted about what we can expect from her first solo album.

Simone’s debut solo album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1 is available now on CD or through iTunes.

Toronto Is Fashion: What’s your favourite of all the fashion choices you have today?

Simone Denny: We have about 8 different changes, possible changes. This photoshoot is a little different than the promo shots we’ve photographed before, as this one goes a little deeper in our look.

I think I like these two pieces actually. This is the tulle and crinoline for underneath that dress. We are going very retro. A few head ties, hoop earrings. Very retro inspired.


TIF: So how did you come up with the outfits?

SD: Actually I’m really hands on, but Adam my manager is very visual as well so we had conference calls about “I like this look, I like that look.” Once we started locking down the sounds of the album, then we started locking down the direction. The first shots you may have seen were a little more classic black and white, we were trying to let people know that something was coming, but we didn’t want to give a definite direction. Now we’re just excited to share the whole vision.

When we started the album I had no idea that this was coming. It was something that Adam wanted to do. When he said “I want to make it old school but I want to go darker.” I was like darker where? I would name a few songs and he would say darker.

TIF: You have a great space for the shoot

SD: Ya the store is great! We did an interview here a few months ago and it was pretty cool.

TIF: Tell us about the new album?

SD: This one is a mixture of 40s and 50s retro. It’s soul, rock, and a dash of modern in there too. It’s something you can chill at home, listen to it with a glass of wine. There’s even a touch, a hint of jazz, but no jazz hands.

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TIF: There’s a real sense of femininity in the wardrobe we’ve seen for the shoot so far.

SD: I think it’s going to look a bit sexy. I think the overall look I’m enjoying. It’s taking it back to a time when femininity was there. I think we lost a lot of that in the way we dress. It nice to go through the ages where you are a little tougher and a little more street but it’s always great to get back to femininity. I think that what I’m trying with this, is a sexiness in seeing a little and hiding a little, and that’s what’s nice about this era. Women used to dress, like it was about the hair, clothes the makeup, really put the effort in. That’s what this era is that we are living in.

TIF: From the initial idea for the ‘look’ of the shoot, how long does it take you to put the shoot together?

SD: I’m pretty tapped into fashion. Once I catch the idea, I’m like alright I see where we need to go. So it’s just research, more than anything else.


TIF: Have you been having fun with this research and what have you been looking at?

SD: Absolutely, it’s been awesome! A lot of Google, a lot of checking out old record albums. My dad has a huge collection, so I would just go through all his stuff. You have an idea, and I’ve always been attracted to that style, but I really wanted to nail it but still bring a bit of modern to it. Going through the record covers and seeing the shoes, seeing the poses. I need to find me in the midst of all of this. You will see, some photos will be edgy sexy, some photo will be a little more feminine sexy. I’m having fun with it!

Others artists I would compare myself to: I’m somewhere between Elle king, Leon Bridges and Andrew Day. I’m somewhere in the middle there.


This may be Simone’s first solo album release, but the singer is not new to the spotlight. You may remember Simone as the lead vocalist for Love, Inc, a collaboration between herself and producers Chris Sheppard and Brad Daymond. The band had hits with singles “Broken Bones” and “Here Comes the Sunshine”. Denny also partnered with Canadian duo Widelife and recorded the hit “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)”, the theme song for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

The new record is available now on CD, iTunes.ca and limited edition vinyl in early 2016. The album blends elements of R&B, Rock and Roll and 60’s Soul to produce 10 emotional and captivating tracks, including the lead track “Your Love Fades Away.”

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