Grey Goose® Vodka Teams Up With Frankie Collective

GREY GOOSE Vodka and Frankie Collective, a fashion brand owned by women in Canada, have teamed up to make a special collection of clothes. This collection is a preview for an outdoor event that GREY GOOSE is hosting, which is inspired by the brand’s French background.

The clothes in this collection are made from materials that have been reused, which means they’re good for the environment. There are ten pieces in total, like a tennis skirt, a track jacket, shorts, a sporty dress, and a tote bag. They have a cool and casual style.

Kate Watson, who is in charge of GREY GOOSE Vodka, said that this collaboration combines easy and fashionable style with sustainable fashion. Both brands care about making things of good quality, being skillful, and using natural things that are considered luxurious. They’re excited to show the collection to Canadians and let them experience a taste of the French way of enjoying life through the Lawn Club event. They want people to come dressed nicely and have a great time.

The Lawn Club event starts on July 5th in Toronto. It brings a fun and elegant French game called Pétanque to different places in Canada. Pétanque is similar to lawn bowling or Bocce ball and is loved by people in France. Guests can reserve a spot to play Pétanque and then go to the Clubhouse to enjoy delicious GREY GOOSE Vodka cocktails and yummy crêpes made by a chef.

Sara Gourlay, the Creative Director at Frankie Collective, is very happy to work with GREY GOOSE Vodka for this special collection. The limited-edition clothes in this collection combine the timeless elegance of GREY GOOSE with Frankie Collective’s unique style of reusing materials. Each piece of clothing is made with care and shows the special qualities of both brands. The designs are both sporty and stylish, which is perfect for the summer season.

The new clothes will be shown for the first time at the special launch of GREY GOOSE Vodka’s Lawn Club in Toronto. People who see the collection can get ideas for what to wear to the upcoming events, which will be held in different big cities across Canada this summer.

Here are the event dates:

– Toronto: July 5-9, 2023
– Calgary: July 19-23, 2023
– Vancouver: August 1-7, 2023
– Montreal (Jardin Pétanque): August 23-27, 2023

You can find more information and get tickets at You can reserve a spot for you and your friends in teams of 2, 4, or 6 people. It costs about $45 per person, plus tax.

Photo: GREY GOOSE Vodka x Frankie Collective Capsule Collection (CNW Group/GREY GOOSE Vodka)

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